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  I am a Psychic, Clairvoyant, and “Remote-Viewer.” Holding over 25 years of experience in spiritual counseling, readings and teaching Reiki. I am exceptionally skilled in assisting romantic puzzles and economic problems.

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Psychic Readings Houston presents a client-focused compassionate psychic consultation and spiritual or life coaching service offered by renowned second-generation psychic and author Dr. Peter Sousa.

Peter specializes in producing fact-driven, actionable insights on personal issues that matter to you. Peter has been acknowledged in various syndications such as FOX, NBC, ABC, and more.

Issues regularly covered during Peter’s psychic readings are love/romance and interpersonal issues. Peter also provides precise predictions in many areas such as; health and wellness, career, and spirituality or mediumship.

Daily, Peter connects with his clients from all over World who are seeking assistance through genuine psychic clairvoyance or mediumship. 

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Psychic Reader Peter has Helped thousands of people around the world gain the power to manifest their dreams.

Who is Psychic Reader Peter?

Psychic Houston, Tx – Psychic Reader Peter Sousa is one of the most demanded virtual and in-person professional psychics. He is the author of several metaphysical inspired books. He is a widely recognized psychic, parapsychology, and spiritual expert whose clients extend throughout Texas and beyond.

Since the 90’s Houston Psychic Dr. Peter Sousa has provided psychic service for individuals, businesses, and groups. He was trained and worked alongside the Late Dr. Julie Sousa a renowned psychic medium.

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