Top 5 Characteristics of the Pisces [Astrology]


February 19 – March 20


Positive Traits: Empathetic, creative, Super Emotional, Honorably Selfless, and Gifted Healers

Negative characteristics: Sometimes Moody, Can be Negative, Kinda.Lazy, Idealistic Individuals, and Major Escapists

Pisces Characteristics


Pisces are very empathetic animals with a lively imagination and a friendly disposition. They have a capacity that is boundless empathy despite having individuals with whom they may thoroughly disagree with.


There are many artistic astrology signs. These signs have imaginations that don’t seem to have any boundaries. They have an artistic talent as the planet Neptune rules them. They have a unique perspective to the entire world, enabling them to see things in an exceedingly innovative and creative way.

Strong Emotional Beings

They will likely cry if they see tears. It will tear them apart if they can sense hurt in your voice. They shall love you unconditionally no matter who you are.


Pisces are selfless and often generous, if not overly at times. You may call = them whatever you want, but the Pisces is a selfless sign, and no matter how bad you may treat them, they shall continually be here when you need them.

The Natural Healers

Pisces are extraordinary healers. The desire to heal others surges Pisces’ gifted ability to aid the heart-broken. This energy offers Pisces the capacity to heal any real or trauma that is emotional or even physical based. 

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Pisces element is Water, and these signs are passionate, committed individuals with grand levels of emotional intelligence. They are also some of the most nurturing, warm, and creative energies in the zodiac, of course, only when you’re in their good graces. 

Pisces planet Neptune, and The god of this ocean, is terrifying and mighty. The Neptunian draw is powerful, and when this blue planet transits into your chart, This planet casts a haze that is dreamlike. He’s the larger octave of Venus. Therefore he takes the current environment of beauty and love and elevates them to heights of intoxicating glamour. Neptune can help you see other planes and worlds so that you may feel just a little disconnected from the reality of this planet we call Earth. 



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