5 Ways to Spot a Fake or “Scam” Psychic

(Houston, Tx) April 17th, 2021 It has been an excellent time to see so many engaged in spirituality and wellness recently—exchanging new ideas and philosophies or groups learning tarot together on Instagram. However, one thing I have seen rising is scam psychic readers. These are people with ill intent and usually absolutely no abilities whatsoever. They use a few tactics to seem legitimate or unravel and confuse you enough to cause panic and dish out your credit cards. I am actively starting a group to report such persons. I am not on a mission to tarnish actual readers with good intentions who may have an “off” day. Instead, expose those who are utilizing the industry (which is unregulated) to make money and damage people’s lives.

Today, I am compiling a list of 5 Top Ways to spot a Scam Psychic.

1 They won’t use a Real Name or Photo.

Psychic Anonymity usually applies more to the internet.
Typically, the most straightforward way is to see if they use a real name or image. I have seen so many with words like “Mystic Butterfly” or “Madam Truth.” Now, suppose you are an actual invested psychic or medium. In that case, you most likely would have no issue at the very least using your real first name. Think of it this way, has anyone not hiding something ever given anything other than a fraudulent name? Also, you may notice they have either a pretty picture of digital art or photography instead of showing themselves. Again, they are hiding from you, yet want to connect with you? The one that gets me is stock photos of pretty women or men that convey trustworthiness. Unfortunately, most people can’t tell at all that it’s not the actual reader and that is dishonest. Now, there may be some for specific reasons readers do not what their identity exposed. For many, it is family finding out about what they do, or they may be severely introverted or insecure. Here is the thing, if they have “issues” they can’t work out in their real life, why would you trust them with yours? Maybe, This is a hobby to them or just for fun. That’s fine but don’t invest too heavily in what they are telling you and I don’t think you should really pay for their time equally.

Also, if they look like they are wearing an Amazon “Fortune Teller” costume, you got it; they’re not likely legitimate.

2 Too many questions

Many readers prefer you not to ask too much or even say too much in the beginning and during a reading. However, con-artist relies on that to generalize and gather facts about you. They are reading you but not in a positive way. When I read, I only ask for first names. It is a way of politely addressing those involved and, for me, helps me tune in. There is so much energy held in a first name alone. It’s ok for the reader to ask what you are looking to know or where to focus on. Just don’t go overboard explaining things or events; let the reader do that. It’s totally okay to have a dialog or talking about life with your spiritual counselor or psychic after they have gained your trust in the later.

3 They only focus on the future

A simple reason why a false psychic would prefer only to give you information on outcomes is that it can be delegitimized until you are long gone. This is an effortless way to detect something that is not right. A genuine psychic reader should describe persons, events, or even situations that have taken place alongside the outcomes. If they can’t do that, then the likelihood they can foresee future events accurately is probably void as well. They know they have you now and may never see you again. It won’t matter because they will have someone else sooner or later to dish out the same story. If by a rare chance they were right on one thing like getting the job you applied for, you could be back.

4 The Curses, Black Magic, and Spells

This ancient tactic works, unfortunately, to this day. I have a unique stance on curses or hexes. I don’t believe in them being as effective as some may think or they don’t work the way “Hollywood” defines them. If they were really that effective, that would strip so many things away, like free will. That is a whole other topic to venture into. Now, not to say I don’t think magic or spellwork is effective. I do not believe it is cut and dry to destroy someone’s love or life with it. Dark magic on a person is typically scarce. Most practitioners often fear the “karmic” effect of even utilizing it. If they are a novice doing dark magic, well, that’s more likely to cause them harm than anyone else. So, what you need to be wary of with psychics using this tactic. Fraud readers will “typically” slap a few cards down after gathering your questions and nearly immediately state to you that you are being cursed, or the infamous, another person is doing black magic on you or a loved one. It’s a great way leading to a reveal of their particular, and often extremely expensive, services like hex or curse removals. Please do not do this. Immediately leave, pay if required for the session, and never return. Also, review them if anyway possible. If you do feel there is dark magic upon you or a negative entity attached. Visit a spiritualist, Wiccan priest or priestess, or even a minister. Most of these individuals will not charge to help you through this. They may ask for a donation, but not a charge for dark energy removals or blessings like it is a business service.

5 Use YOUR Intuition too!

Do they feel like this psychic is a little sketchy? Are they saying things that sound don’t sound right but do what they can to convince you, you are wrong, and they are right? If you would not like this person as a friend or even professionally, I suggest you find another reader. Your intuition is correct most of the time. Humans have a natural sense to protect and guard themselves. Utilize your feelings and trust your gut. Now, don’t get me wrong, some readers have bad personalities; that’s ok; it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a “fraud psychic.” Though, if nothing they say rings true, and they are forceful in saying you are mistaken. That doesn’t make them right or psychic.

So, I wrote the piece not to ruffle feathers; I realize there are so many varieties of readers and psychics that are genuinely gifted. However, genuine psychics and readers must do what they can to protect or industry. When your emotions are a mess, and someone seems to care, you may be blinded to their actions because you are desperate for answers or change. Please keep these little steps in mind to detect if you’re dealing with someone genuine or simply out to make a buck.

Also, try to remember, most psychics gifts and abilities are totally different. For example, some can see names but not read emotions or others see only faces and what they are thinking., and so on. So, don’t generalize the abilities of true psychics. They all have something they can offer to your life story. Just be careful, as with anyone, of those with bad intentions.

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