Psychic Reader Peter Explains Love and Soulmate Energy Work.

(Houston, Tx) Second Generation psychic medium “Psychic Reader Peter,” Peter Sousa, is now advancing his powerful readings and including utilizing the energy-work, or Reiki, on the client to help energize their love and relationship life. Peter is calling it ” Love and Soulmate Energy-work.”

This latest and robust approach is something he stumbled upon during his readings that also utilized distance Reiki. He noticed that his clients successfully manifested the love and life changes they had requested shortly after their sessions together. It was also creating a positive influence on their love life and everyday synergies and treatment by others.

Peter notes, “I believe that this is a new form of spiritual empowerment, it presents a way for you only to attract what you emotional or romantically desire.” See it as dressing for the job you want but instead polishing your aura and energy to attract the emotion from others you desire, either romantically or in everyday life.”

“This is a new form of energy healing; instead of healing mental or physical ailments, you are healing and strengthening relationships of all varieties and producing an attraction to not only your romantic endeavors but seemingly most relationships significant to you in general.” Peter is producing an innovative book on the system to share with others to bring this new conversance to even more individuals and energy practitioners.

Psychic Reader Peter

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