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What's a Medical Intuitive?


An experienced medical intuitive that can "see" inside the human body and read the energy patterns of a customer's physical, emotional, and spiritual energies. 


A medical intuitive may use their abilities to help a physician with disorder diagnosis or to help indicate lifestyle changes for their customers based on the information obtained during a reading. Some medical intuitive can also facilitate healing of those energetic imbalances to make a change in the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels. I utilize both Reiki and Energy Medicine for these purposes.


A medical intuitive may work alongside a medical physician, psychotherapist, or psychologist (these kinds of medical intuitive are usually known as complementary wellness practitioners within the medical community) or operate independently or both.


When conducting Medical Intuition with a client, I detect, and sense imbalances often are manifested as blocked energy patterns and acute chakra imbalances. I'm also able to view the inner body and then read the energy of the organ systems and emotional centers.

















How a Medical Intuitive Works


There's a lot of variation in how different medical intuitive professionals work and how they perform their readings and healing sessions. Some medical intuitive are often self-taught with no formal instruction in the intuitive arts. Many, like myself, are gifted with this extra sense and have further trained and studied under teachers of specific energy healing techniques and modalities.

















How I Work


A session can be done both in persona and at a distance. We are dealing with energy realms and a level of perception higher in frequency than our physical realm. I begin syncing with my higher power (Ein Sof), and Angelic energies (72 Angels of the Kabbalah). 


For example, I may ask about a particular issue: "Guide me to the source of your concern, if acute. If it is more of a series of health issues or one that seems to be an effect of an unknown cause, we will attempt to find the root.


The sensations, visions, and feedback I receive may be directed to an area of the body or an organ and then shown or intuitively able to hone in on the origin of the imbalance or disease.


The Complementary Healing Modalities

(not to be substituted for primary medical care),

I use an assortment of holistic healing methods in my work, all of which serve to increase and alter the wellness of the client. Consciousness constructs and consciousness, therefore, also heals. I am merely a facilitator for transformation and healing. 

I may also make suggestions and help guide you on an overall wellness journey with my expertise in holistic wellness and herbalism. Any suggested methods of herbs or natural remedies, please work with your primary care practitioners, specialist, and pharmacist to make sure these also fit well into your current line of care.

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