Since 1996

Readings and History


Psychic Reader Peter is a second generation Psychic Medium and Teacher. He offers online and in-person readings and various one-on-one training and Spiritual Development classes (coming soon).

Peter’s mother, the Late Psychic Medium and Author Dr. Julie Sousa D.D. was the epicenter to his spiritual growth and training. Peter has ventured further and further to learn and experience life and spirituality to its absolute fullest. 

Peter has a Wife, Summer and Daughter, Soleil. Summer is also a reader and a certified Yoga and Ayurvedic Teacher. Peter’s home is a very creative and spiritual place. Where the family ofter works on projects of enlightenment and spiritual growth.  Soleil has a love for space and Astrology and constantly researching to learn more everyday. Peter and Summer have plans to open a “spiritual boutique” in the near future preferably when the Covid crisis has subsided.

Peter has created the “Church of New Enchantment”. A Metaphysical society and spiritual group for those seeking freedom of though and practice.  It encompasses various teachings from Vedic, Kabbalah, and Wicca. It is not a Church in the typical sense but rather a gathering of thought and learning resources.



Years of Education and Experiences
  • Metaphysical Science B.A. UOM Sedona AZ
  • 3rd Degree Wiccan 
  • Doctor of Alternative Medicines IBAM-IN
  • Cosmetology Operator Diploma – Licensed for Ayurveda Practice
  • Ordained Rabbi (Kabbalah) – Universal Metaphysical Ministry.
  • Certified Reiki Teacher and Master – Reiki Master and Instructor – Aimee Phlegar
  • Certificate in Medical Intuition – Linda Rauch
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Advanced Diploma – by Dr. Omar Abed
  • Certified in Dream Interpretation – Instructed by Rhonda Sesir
  • Meditation Instructor Certification – The Priority Academy
  • Health and Wellness Coach – Felix Harder
  • Crystal healing Practitioner – Academy of Ancient Magick
Current: TFU – Working PhD in Parapsychology MetSc