Behind each haunting is a ghost. Behind every phantom is a story. If you feel you might be haunted by ghosts, here is why that could be happening.

A ghost conveys with it the feelings and memories of a life. These spirits still believe and feel and sometimes even reach out to communicate with people they know can listen to them.

Every ghost differs. These living spirits had a mixture of death and life experiences, causing each to stay earthbound. Locating a ghost by sensing its place is the first part of the task. After finding a spirit, I concentrate my psychic thoughts on that ghost long enough to make a relationship. If I could get close enough, and the ghost chooses to not move away or evade me, I can usually sense feelings and ideas flowing reasonably quickly. Those mind-to-mind communications may be me probing the ghost's thoughts or really"speaking" to a spirit in a dialogue and with the ghost answering my queries. The most common experience in the area will be finding a ghost, studying what the ghost is thinking or feeling, and interpreting what might be causing the spirit to haunt.

My objective is not to eliminate ghosts. It's quite tricky to have a spirit to proceed. An individual can try, but many times, the ghost will just move away and keep haunting. I identify ghosts; I don't dispose of them.


Most hauntings that I experience are relatively benevolent. Those are lost beings, and the last thing they want is to have somebody throw them from what might have been their houses. How would you prefer a strange family barging to your home and evicting you? Ghosts (were) people after. They'll move on when they're ready, and that should be their choice alone.

I know several individuals who have lived in haunted houses for several years who told me they said their hidden tenants to quit scaring them. The request appears to have worked frequently, leading me to think many ghosts aren't attempting to haunt and are sensitive to the living's personal space. If you feel you have a ghost, then you might try an open dialogue, allowing the soul (s) to know you want them to turn down the paranormal volume a little. It's worked for others, and it might work for you.

Whether the ghost is haunting your attic or your own bedroom, peaceful coexistence is the ideal result in a ghost investigation. When there are negative hauntings that will need to be solved, most hauntings are simply ghosts going about in their day-to-day activities. This is not to assume that there are not ghosts with attitudes. Surviving characters are just that. Ghosts will follow old patterns of behavior from when they were alive. I try to emphasize that I do not confuse a bad mood with something really evil in character. Many are quick to tag uncontrollable behavior as something demonic. Many of the active haunts I've investigated were just disembodied individuals acting out unresolved emotions.

Whether ghosts exist in a different dimension that bleeds into our own or lives in a hidden state remains a puzzle. I don't yet have that response. The best thing that could come from communicating with the ghost(s) in your house is to make a mutual understanding between the living and the dead. Most spirits only need to coexist peacefully.

If you assume or sense you have a ghost, or simply dead relatives behaving like ghosts, call my office, and we could establish a date and time for me to come for a visit. (alive ) human beings have a tendency to put a negative spin on any ghost story. At least that's been my experience. Behind every ghost, there's a story. I can usually get them to tell me.


When Investigating Ghosts

Who does not love a great haunted house film? When I was a boy, I was mesmerized on them! So long as that ghost was not haunting my home, I was drawn right into any old building that seemed haunted. Humans are captivated by the spirits of the dead for quite a long time. Ghost investigating goes back several years, but actually got its start from the mid-1800s with the growth of a movement called Spiritualism. It wasn't until the 1920s that serious ghost investigation got underway, first in England and then in America.

Today, their amateur and professional ghost hunters all around the world. Some ghost investigators are psychic mediums, but others come from a more scientific approach, relying on gear rather than intuitive ability. Then some individuals use both people and equipment with psychic ability to round out their investigations. I prefer this mixture of science and psychic.

I believe a fantastic medium can add richness and insight into a ghost investigation, something ghost-hunting gear cannot. Individual pieces of equipment, I think, are necessary for ghost investigations to be able to capture physical signs of ghosts.

EVPs or electronic voice phenomena (ghost voices on tape) are definitely worth noting in paranormal research, so a digital sound recorder or telephone voice recording program can be an essential part of any investigation. I've had little success with any of the fancier ghost voice/EVP capturing devices.

Cameras are a fantastic source of instruction, but one ought to be careful of"orbs." Those balls of light which appear in confident investigators' photographs are highly controversial.

The majority of these spots are light refractions and should, typically, be dismissed as mild artifacts from neighboring sources. Most common is that your flash is likely to reflect off rain, mist, or dust in the atmosphere and create light stains on the camera lens. While the place is haunted, those orbs flood the picture isn't a gang of ghosts swirling around the grounds. What you may be seeing could likely be a flash in the camera refracting off falling raindrops. I've noticed a few very persuasive photographs featuring a ghostly visage, but authentic apparitions captured on camera are few and far between.

Temperature changes could be enrolled on a fantastic handheld electronic temperature gun. If there isn't any natural explanation for the temperature changes (a door or door opened or an AC/fan unit coming on), you might have a ghost nearby.

Certain kinds of apparatus read energy field changes (EMF Meters) and could be worth bringing together on an investigation. Though, I have very little faith in this sort of evidence since these EMF sensors are too easily influenced by the body motion of the person holding them.

Here is how I search for Ghosts

I ask the owner to not give me some details of this haunting until I've finished my tour and listed my psychic feelings. After this, I shall relate my impressions to the owner, providing them details of where I sense the energy and that I feel doing the haunting. I'll usually spend a brief time meditating in a couple of spots around the place, putting my psychic senses to work.

If the locale has had sufficient action to merit a severe, in-depth appearance, I will arrange to spend the night or, at least, a couple hours. Ghosts are passing beings and enjoy their living counterparts; they are generally moving about. This movement could be restricted to the premises, or they might actually leave and go elsewhere, only to return later.

Ghosts retain the identical personality and characteristics they needed as living beings. Ghosts are spirits without bodies. The old expression"parapsychologist" is quite apt for ghost hunting.

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