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Magical Herbs- Full List



Folk names: cape chewing gum, kikwata, mokala.

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Sun

Element: Air

Deities: Osiris, Astarte, Ishtar, Diana, Ra

Powers: Protection, psychic powers

Ritual uses: The wood is used as fuel in sacred fires in India & can also be utilized in building temples.


Adam and Eve roots


Gender: feminine Planet: Venus

Element: water Power: Love & pleasure

Magical uses: Carry the two origins in a little bag at all times to attract a love. If you would like to be free from amatory competitors also carry the two roots sewn into a little bag. Given to a few they ensure continued happiness.


African Violet

Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus

Element: Water Powers: Spirituality, Protection

Magical uses: The purple colored flowers & plants are grown in the home to promote spirituality inside it. The plants are also marginally protective when grown.



Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars

Element: Fire Deity: Cardea

Powers: Exorcism, Protection

Magical uses: The Romans used it to chase away evil & also to protect children. Additionally it is utilized in exorcisms.


Bachelor's buttons

(Centaurea cyanus)

Folk names: Devils flower, Red campion, Bluet.

Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus

Element: Water. Deity: Robin Goodfellow

Power: Love

Magical uses: it's worn on the chest to attract a lover. Take a flower & keep it in your pocket, it's freshness is based on good or bad success in amatory interests.


banyan tree

(Ficus benghalensis)

Folk names: Arched Fig, Vada tree

Gender: Masculine Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air Deity: Maui

Powers: Luck

Ritual uses: The banyan is reverenced by the Hindus, the tree is planted outside their temples. It is also linked with the worship of Maui in Hawaiian & Polynesian religions.

Magical uses: To simply sit beneath or look in a banyan tree brings good luck & to be married under one ensures the couple's happiness.



(Fagus sylvatica)

Folk names: Bok, Buche, Faya, Hetre

Gender: Feminine Planet: Saturn

Powers: Wishes

Magical uses: Take a stick of beech and split your fantasies onto it, bury it & leave it there. Carry the leaves or wood to boost creative powers.



(Beta vulgaris)

Folk names: Mangel, Mangold

Gender: Feminine Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth Power: Love

Magical uses: If two individuals eat of the exact same bet they'll fall in love. Beet juice is used as ink in love magic, also a blood substitute.



(Elettaria cardamomum)

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Water Deity: Erzulie

Power: lust, love

Magical uses: The ground seeds are added to warmed wine for a quick lust potion. They're also baked into apple pies or added to love sachets and incenses.



(Jacaranda procera, prosopis dulcis, Ceratonia siliqua)

Folk names: Carobinha

Powers: security, health

Magical uses: Carry or use to maintain decent health & to shield against evil.


Cat tail

(Typha capensis)

Folk names: Tabua, Ibhuma, Balangot

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars

Element: Fire. Powers: Lust

Magical uses: If a person doesn't enjoy sex but wishes to they should carry some cattail together at all times.



(Turnera diffuse or T. aphrodisiaca)

Folk name: Mexican Damiana

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars

Element: Fire Powers: Love, lust, Visions

Magical uses: Damiana is used in lust infusions as well as lust spells. It's also burned to produce visions.



Folk names: Vanilla leaf, hounds tongue

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars

Element: Fire. Powers: lust, psychic abilities

Magical uses: it attracts guys, it is sprinkled on the bed for this purpose. It aids the psychic abilities if worn.


Devil's little

(Scabiosa succisa)

Folk name: Ofbit

Gender: Masculine

Powers: exorcism, love, protection, luck

Magical uses: When worn around the neck it drives away evil spirits & offers protection to the wearer. Additionally it is utilized to attract woman & attract fortune.



(Diospyros lotus)

Folk names: Lama, Obeah timber

Powers: Power, protection

Magical uses: Ebony wood is protective & so is used in making amulets. Ebony Wanda provides the magician pure, unadulterated power.



Folk names: Black Sampson, coneflower, rudbeckia

Powers: strengthening spells

Magical uses: it had been used by American Indians as an offering to spirits to ensure and strengthen spells.



(Leontopodium alpinum)

Powers: invisibility, bullet proofing

Magical uses: made into a wreath and worn it confers invisibility. To be protected against daggers and bullets, pull up a complete bush by its origins throughout the day on a Friday of the full moon. Wear it wrapped in white linen. It also grants your heart's desire, you need to just grow and care for the plant.



(Ulmus campestris)

Folk name: Elven

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Water. Deities: Odin, Hoenin, Lodr

Powers: Love

Magical uses: once known as "Elven" because of its prevalence among elves, it's now utilized to protect against lightning strikes & to attract love.



(Cichorium endivia)

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air Powers: Lust, Love

Magical uses: Regardless of how gathered, it is worn as a talisman to attract love. It's used fresh & should be replaced every 3 days. Additionally it is used in salads to stir lust from the partakers.



Tanacetum parthenium

Folk names: Featherfew, febrifuge plant

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Venus

Element: Water. Power: Protection

Magical uses: Carry with you for protection against colds and fevers as well as accidents.



(Scrophularia nodosa)

Folk names: Rosenoble, throatwort

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Water. Powers: health, protection

Magical uses: hung from the neck, it keeps the wearer healthy & protects against the evil eye. The plant can be smoked over Midsummer fires and then hung in the home for its protective abilities.


Fuzzy weed

Artemisia dracunculus

Folk name: French tarragon

Powers: Love, searching

Magical uses: this plant, part of their household including mugwort and wormwood, was used to attract love. For this purpose it was rubbed onto the clothes and body. It was also carried to bring good luck on the hunt, once an essential part of survival.


Goat's rue

Galega officinalis

Folk names: French honeysuckle, rutwica

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mercury

Element: Air Powers: healing, health

Magical uses: it is used in healing rituals, putting it on the shoes cures & prevents rheumatism.


Gotu Kola

(Hydrocotyl asiatica)

Folk names: Indian pennywort, hydrocotyle

Powers: Meditation

Magical uses: use in meditation incenses. Burn a small amount prior to but not during meditation.



Vitis vinifera

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Moon

Element: Water Deities: Dionysus, Bacchus, Hathor

Powers: Fertility, Garden magic, mental powers

Magical uses: pictures of them can be painted onto garden walls to guarantee fertility as was done in ancient Rome. Eating them raises fertility, in addition to strengthens mental powers. Set them on the altar during money spells.


Hellebore, Black

Hellebores niger - Poision

Folk names: Melampode, Winter rose

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Magical uses: scatter powdered - before you as you move & you shall be invisible. It was also used in exorcism rituals and was used to induce astral projection. As with most poisonous herbs it is just too dangerous to use.



Conium maculatum - Poison

Folk names: Beaver toxin, herb bennet, kex, Water parsley, keckies

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Water. Deity: Hecate

Magical uses: it was also once utilized to induce astral projection and in spells to destroy sexual drives. It's juice was rubbed onto magical knives & swords to enable and purify them before use.


hemp plant

Cannibis sativa

Folk names: Ganja, Kif, Grass, weed

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Powers: recovery, love, dreams, meditation

Magical uses: it was once widely used in magic. Due to legislation enacted during the 1930's which restrict its use and sale, a number of these practices are dying out.



Lawsonia inermis

Powers: recovery

Magical uses: put on the forehead to relieve headache. Attracts love if worn near the heart, protects from illness as well as the evil eye.



Carya spp.

Powers: legal matters

Magical uses: burn a piece of the root to ash. Mix with cinquefoil and place this mixture in a box. Hang over the door to make certain that you don't have trouble with the law.


Indian paint brush

Castilleja spp.

Folk names: snakes friend, snakes games

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Water. Powers: Love

Magical uses: the flowers contain a powerful love-attracting power. They ought to be carried in sachets to find love.


Joe-Pye Pot

Eupatorium purpureum

Folk names: gravelroot, hempweed

Powers: Love, respect

Magical uses: place a few leaves in your mouth when making Love advances and you shall not fail. Carry a few leaves so that you will be looked upon with respect and favour by everyone you meet.



Polygonum aviculare

Folk names: cowgrass, ninety knots, centipede

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth. Powers: binding, health

Magical uses: to bind woes and miseries, hold some in your hand. Pour your problems into the herb, see it absorbing them and then burn it. When carrying it strengthens and protects the eyes.


Lady's mantle

Alchemilla vulgaris

Folk names: nine hooks, lion's foot

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Water. Powers: Love

Magical usage: use the herb in love spells and sachets.


Lady's slipper

Cypripedium pubescens

Folk names: nerveroot, American Valerian

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Water. Powers: defense

Magical uses: it can be used in protective sachets as it protects against all manner of hexes, curses, spells and the evil eye.



Myristica fragrans

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Powers: psychic and psychological powers

Magical uses: The outer covering of it's burned to improve psychic abilities and is carried to boost intellect.



Magnolia grandiflora

Folk names: cucumber tree, swamp sassafras

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Earth Powers: fidelity

Magical uses: put some near or beneath the bed to ensure a faithful relationship is maintained.



Agave spp

Folk name: Agave. Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars. Element: Fire

Powers: Lust

Magical usage: The juice is used in lust potions.


Norfolk Island Pine

Auricaria excelsa

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars

Element: Fire. Powers: protection, anti-hunger

Magical usage: it offers protection against hunger and evil spirits when grown in the house or near it.



Powers: fertility, prosperity, love, fortune

Magical uses: all types are potent fertility inducers and are carried for such applications. They're also included in many prosperity & money combinations. Heart shaped ones are carried to market love while double ones are extremely lucky indeed.



Avena sativa

Folk names: Groats, Joulaf

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Earth. Powers: Money

Magical uses: it can be used in prosperity and money spells.



Carica papaya

Folk names: paw-paw, papao, place

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Moon

Element: Water. Powers: Love, protection

Magical uses: it has long been used in magical rites. One of the easiest is to tie a rag around a limb of the tree whilst visualising your need. Hang several twigs of wood over the doorsillthis is going to keep evil from entering the home.



Cyperus papyrus

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mercury

Element: Air Powers: protection

Magical uses: put in boats to protect against attacks by crocodiles.



Dalea spp.

Folk names: Desert rue, citrus plant

Powers: searching

Magical uses: it had been worn by American Indians as a magical aid to searching.



Picraena excelsa

Folk name: Bitter ash

Powers: Love

Magical uses: it is used in love mixtures both to draw and maintain love. The powdered wood is used for incense bases.



Raphanus sativus

Folk name: Rapuns. Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars Element: Fire

Powers: defense, lust

Magical uses: when carrying it protects against the evil eye. It raises lust when eaten. A wild type was carried in Germany to determine the whereabouts of sorcerers



Ambrosia spp.

Powers: Courage

Magical uses: chew the root of it through the night to drive away all fear.



Secale cereale

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Earth. Powers: love, fidelity

Magical uses: The Romany Gypsies uses rye in love spells. It's served to loved ones to ensure their love.


Sandalwood, red

Pterocarpus santalinus

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus

Element: Water. Power: love

Magical usage: it is burnt to bring love. Sprinkled in areas that require cleansing of negativity.


Sandarac, gum

Tetraclinis articulata

Folk name: gum juniper

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Sun

Element: Fire



Allium spp.

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars

Element: Fire Powers: purification

Magical uses: add them into a tub to cure misfortunes.



Folk names: Tchwa, Mkwayu

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Water. Powers: Love

Magical uses: Carry to attract love.



Linatia vulgaris

Folk names: dragon bushes, rabbits, churnstaff

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars

Element: Fire Powers: defense, hex breaking

Magical uses: it is used as an amulet to keep evil from the wearer & is also used to break hexes.




Powers: rain making

Magical uses: unintentionally breaking them down will cause rain to fall.


Vetch, giant

Vicia spp.

Powers: fidelity

Magical uses: If your loved one has gone astray rub the root on your body then wrap it up in fabric and put under your pillow.


wahoo bush

Euonymus atropurpuraea

Folk names: burning bush, spindle tree

Powers: hex breaking, courage, success

Magical uses: make an extract of the bark. Let cool, rub on a hexed person's forehead. When carrying it brings success in all undertakings.


Wax plant

Hoya camosa

Folk names: pentagram blossoms, pentagram plant

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mercury

Element: Air Powers: protection

Magical uses: it's grown in bedrooms and throughout the home for protection.


Yerba Mate

Ilex paraguariensis

Folk names: mate, Paraguay tea

Gender: Masculine. Powers: fidelity, love, lust

Magical uses: wear to attract the opposite sex. The extract is a nice lust potion & if drunk with a loved one will ensure that you stay together. To end the relationship spill some.



Taxus spp. - Poison

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn

Element: Water. Powers: raising the dead

Magical uses: this poisonous plant may be used in spells to raise the spirits of the dead. Even though it has a very long mythic history it's little used in magic as a result of its high toxicity.



Pausinystalia yohimbe - Poison

Powers: Love, lust

Magical uses: the infusion is drunk as a lust potion and the powdered herb added to love mixtures.

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